Hello there, I’m Hannah! I’m obsessed with helping you live a more fulfilled, authentic life.

But the entrepreneurial road wasn’t always like this for me…

I started working as a therapist and NLP practitioner, did pretty well, if I say so myself and took a break to have my kids.

I then turned a dark page into the world of, I know, I know, network marketing aka MLM. Please don’t hate me. It was a moment of weakness. I saw people I trusted picking money off trees and you know I just swallowed my pride and really trusted it was above board. I told people I was a professional network marketer. (OH the SHAME!)

So I didn’t want some kind of hobby, I wanted the big bucks, fast. Whatever my mentors told me to do, I would double efforts. It turned out I was extremely good at inspiring people to join my team and my “business” grew fast, along with my status in the company and all the external trappings of success, ie. luxury cars that make you cry when you scratch the alloys.

But all this came at an ALMIGHTY cost. I worked. Every. Single. Second. Children? What children? I don’t think I made eye contact with my husband for months at a time. Takeaways were ordered but I never had time to eat them. I had no time for emails so would send voice messages to my team when


But I had to PRETEND I had the perfect life. “Come and join me, you can have what I have!” Yeah, which is literally a life from hell. I was trapped. I was dependent on the income, my ego lapped up the adoration but every day that I stayed in the “business” I lost more integrity. People asked me how I managed to reach the heights of success at such speed, I lied. I told people I worked part-time and did it for my family. I told people that anyone could get to where I was. It was all one big, fat, juicy LIE.

Ironic then that honesty is a value that I thought was so important to me. I was in a crisis of identity. I could talk to NO ONE about it. My husband was raging that he had lost his wife to a cult, I couldn’t talk to my team because they needed my “belief” and my mentors wouldn’t allow me to question anything. I was having an actual breakdown.

But HALLELUJAH The Universe hears every call! And just like that, it all came crashing down. I made a tiny mistake and the head office deleted my “business” “But I thought it was my bu… No honey, you’re just a consultant for a huge corporation.” So we lost all the income, we lost our house, we lost the car with the stressy alloys and we had to move our whole family into my mum’s apartment.


But when everyone else was like “OMFG! NOOOOOOOO!” I was like Andy in Shawshank Redemption after he had crawled out of that half mile tunnel of waste “YAAAAAAASSSS!!! Forget the house, the car, the money. I have my FREEDOM!!!!!”

That and an abundance of time to think. How had it all gone so wrong? Why had I compromised my values for someone else’s version of success? I had strayed far, far, FAR off my path and I can tell you it took quite some work that forgiveness. But what I had loved about the MLM industry was the personal development and mentoring other women. So I trained as strategic intervention coach with Tony Robbins and Cloe Madanes, a business coach, a meditation teacher and I’ll never stop learning.

Now I help people get out of their own way to live a life they can be proud of and I’m pretty good at it.

Some things about me:
  • As a thirteen year old I walked 220 miles to prove a point to my brother.
  • I have one small tattoo that I got as a teenager, it says, “Be nice Hannah”
  • I’ve lived and worked in Brazil, Thailand and Hungary. 
  • I will give you a tap on your back when I want to be free from a hug, I call it “tap and release”.
And for those of you who really can’t cope without knowing my credentials, I’ll indulge you:
  • Strategic Intervention Coach
  • Business Coach
  • NLP Practitioner
  • 100hr Meditation Teacher
  • Compassion & Mindfulness Teacher
  • Solution focussed Psychotherapist Hypnotherapist
  • Bsc Psychology with Social Science

I have spent tens of thousands on my own coaching and personal development so I can serve YOU better. And I won’t ever stop investing.

We know the only reason you care about any of this is this:


“Hannah you are brilliant, so knowledgeable and so supportive and I am beyond grateful for your time and support. Truly, if anyone is wanting to create a plan to move your life forward-Hannah is the person to talk to.”

– Cindy Shames

“I am blown away by the results. Not only have I achieved things in my business that I thought would only be possible after years, I have changed on a personal level too. People have not stopped commenting on my new found level of focus and drive. Hannah really pushed me to the edge of my comfort zone but I felt she was there with me, so not all that scary in the end!”

– Gin Lalli, Hypnotherapist

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