1:1 life coaching

1:1 life coaching

Are you sick of the voice inside your head, making you feel rubbish?

We’ve all got one and once we start paying attention, we realise it never, ever shuts up. Constantly judging us, other people. It can be frightened, anxious, self loathing but also has a huge ego in some areas. Also known as our unconscious mind. It’s time for your conscious mind to get back in the driving seat.


We often hear people saying, “It took her 10 years to let go of the job/relationship/weight.” In fact it usually took them 10 years to get to that moment take to make a radical change.
When you have a moment of absolute clarity, or acceptance, or compassion, CHANGE CAN BE IMMEDIATE. The fact that you are here on my website shows that you are already at a tipping point.

Possible outcomes for you are
(but not limited to):

  • Repaired relationships
  • New health/fitness regime
  • New job or promotion
  • Caring for yourself properly often for the first time ever
  • Increased confidence
  • More time and balance in your life
  • Joy in daily moments
  • Letting go of bad habits
  • Positive outlook
  • Excitement for the present and future, letting go of the past

The details

  • 3 months of 1:1 life coaching.
  • 12 x 50 minute coaching sessions with me on Zoom (calls every single week).
  • Recommended books to help you reach your next level.

Investment £995 or 3 monthly payments of £350*

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*Many of you will have noticed in 2021 I slashed my prices by nearly 70%. After studying with The Compassion Institute, I had a realisation that I had priced out so many people who needed my help. I am so happy to be able to charge these new permanent lower rates going forward for ALL my clients. I hope these rates will make my coaching more accessible.

“I want IN!”
(limited space for 2024)

“If you are thinking of working with a coach, work with Hannah.”

– Catherine Steel, Nutritionist

“Hannah quickly figured out EXACTLY what I needed (…) she is awesome”

– Bea Christie, Interior Designer

“I feel so focused and ready with very clear steps (…) I am really excited!”

– Jill Mcpherson, Parenting Coach

Still got Q’s? Let’s speak screen to screen to see if we are a good fit.